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Palliative Care Social Workers

IAPC Palliative Care Social Workers Group

The Irish Hospice and Palliative Care Social Work Group has been in existence since 1999.  Founded on the principle of promoting the highest standards of professional practice in palliative care through sharing knowledge, expertise and educational resources, and with the aim of influencing national practice and policy in relation to the provision of palliative care, this well-established and active national group has recently taken the decision to join the IAPC as an intact group. 

The decision, warmly welcomed by the Chairperson, Professor Philip Larkin, and the members of the Board of the IAPC, represents many months of discussion and dialogue between the Group and the Association. 

The joining of the Group and the IAPC represents a formal expansion of the multidisciplinary focus of the Association and strengthens the expert voice of the Social Work Group and the collective voice of the IAPC.

The Group will be known as the IAPC Palliaitive Care Social Work Group.

Representative of social work teams across the country, the Group’s activities are focussed on improving palliative care through:
• Sharing up-to-date and relevant information related to palliative care
• Reviewing practice issues in light of competency standards
• Identifying social work training needs
• Designing and hosting educational events to develop expertise and competence
• Providing a forum for discussion on the scope and role of social work in palliative care
• Participating in and representing social work on regional and national bodies
• Providing a platform for social workers to contribute to national practice and policy matters
• Making submissions on social work and palliative care matters to government and decision-making bodies as appropriate

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