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Spirituality in Palliative Care Special Interest Group

The IAPC Spirituality in Palliative Care Special Interest Group is a working group of the IAPC.

The Group is established under the IAPC’s Mission to promote palliative care through education, representation and networking and thereby build capacity
in palliative care at the individual and at sector level on the Island of Ireland.

The purpose of the IAPC Spirituality in Palliative Care Special Interest Group is to create a dynamic and supportive group within which to share expertise, knowledge and experience for those working across the multidisciplinary team within the island of Ireland, with a specific interest in spirituality in palliative care.

The aims of the group are:
- To develop a more comprehensive and cohesive/collective understanding of the concept of spirituality, spiritual care and spiritual needs within an
increasingly multi-cultural and diverse/non-denominational all-Ireland  palliative care context

- To foster and nurture a mutual understanding of roles and collaborative relationship between palliative care chaplains/pastoral care leaders as professional spiritual carers and the wider multidisciplinary healthcare team

To promote awareness and equip members of the multidisciplinary to address spiritual needs of palliative care patients and their families across all settings within in the island of Ireland through:
- Research
- Education
- Implementation
- Practice

- To establish links with national and international spiritual care organisations/groups with an interest in palliative care

- To provide an opportunity to share research and to establish links with the other IAPC Fora and Special Interest Groups

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