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IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2014

Ms Sharon Foley - Recent reflections on access to Specialist Palliative Care Services

Ms Marie Wright - Handing over the baton?

Ms Irene Murphy - Provision of General Palliative Care in an Urban Setting

Ms Ann O’Connor - Point Prevalence Survey

Jim Rhatigan - Compassionate Communities

Dr Kathleen McLoughlin - Implementation of the National End of Life Care Audit

Dr Kathleen McLoughlin - Identifying and changing attitudes toward palliative care

Ms Irene Murphy IAPC - Lyrath Hotel 6/2/14

Dr Isae Kilonzo - Do specialist palliative day care services improve patient outcomes?

Dr Fliss Murtagh- Developing Best Evidence

Dr Faith Cranfield - Implementing a framework to measure patient complexity

IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2013

Dr Tara Murphy - A systematic review of Palliative Care Research in Ireland

Ms Grace O' Malley-Carrying out qualitative research with palliative oncology patients

Dr Margaret Clifford - Development of an E-learning programme for formal family meetings in Palliative Care

Ms Valerie Jennings - Mothers' experience of bereavement support

Dr Una MacConville - "On speaking terms - matters of life and death"

Dr Mary Jane O' Leary - A picture paints a thousand words

IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2012

Concept of Caring

Why do Palliative Medicine Patients Attend the Emergency Department?

Exploring relationships at end of life

Patients Dying in the Community - What Role for Primary Care

Self-Reported Symptom Burden in Prevalent Haemodialysis Patients in South West Ireland

Evaluating the first year of New Medicines Information Service for Palliative Care

Bereaved Men's Experiences of Support following the death of their partner

Bags and Baggage

Exploring physiotherapists' experiences in delivering rehabilitation to patients requiring palliative care

IAPC Annual Education & Research Seminar 2011

Dr Margaret Clifford--

Dr Lucy Balding--

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Ms Una Molloy--

Ms Susan O'Flanagan--

Ms Sue Moran--

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Dr Aoife Gleeson--

What is Palliative Care?

IAPC "What is Palliative Care?"

Education and Research Seminar 2010

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