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IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2015

John Weafer-National Perspectives on dying and bereavement – Ireland 2004 - 2014

Lauren Siggins-Symptom Assessment in Advanced Cancer

Sinead Cobbe-Effectiveness of Physiotherapy Rehabilitative Programme and Suitability of Functional Outcome Measures in Palliativ

Sarah McLean-Bereavement outcomes of family caregivers – do spousal and adult-child caregivers experience bereavement differen

Sarah Meaney-The spiritual and pastoral impact of perinatal bereavement

Ciara O'Neill-Parenteral Hydration: A Review of Prevalence and Rationale in Hospice Inpatients

Dr Sarah Donnelly - Evaluating an End-Of-Life-Care Staff Training Workshop

Val O'Reilly-Driving and medication amongst palliative care population

Margaret Clifford-The Palliative Care Patient’s Role in the Formal Family Meeting

Donna Reddy-Raising Palliative Care Awareness in Schools: A community Educational Initiative

IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2014

Ms Sharon Foley - Recent reflections on access to Specialist Palliative Care Services

Ms Marie Wright - Handing over the baton?

Ms Irene Murphy - Provision of General Palliative Care in an Urban Setting

Ms Ann O’Connor - Point Prevalence Survey

Jim Rhatigan - Compassionate Communities

Dr Kathleen McLoughlin - Implementation of the National End of Life Care Audit

Dr Kathleen McLoughlin - Identifying and changing attitudes toward palliative care

Ms Irene Murphy IAPC - Lyrath Hotel 6/2/14

IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2013

IAPC Annual Education and Research Seminar 2012

IAPC Annual Education & Research Seminar 2011

What is Palliative Care?

IAPC "What is Palliative Care?"

Education and Research Seminar 2010