The IAPC Presents our 23rd Annual Education and Research Seminar 2024

‘Ensuring Dignity: Ethical Reflections in Palliative Care’​

Where: Hotel Riu Plaza, The Gresham, Dublin

When: February 8th 2024

Time: Registration opens from 8:30am

In the forthcoming 23rd Annual Palliative Care Education and Research Seminar, healthcare professionals, researchers, and advocates will convene in a collective pursuit of knowledge and collaboration. Dr. Claire Kruger, serving as chairperson, will initiate the proceedings, emphasising the importance of shared learning and innovation in palliative care.

Attendees will engage in presentations covering a range of critical topics. Dr. David Murphy will address venous intervention for lower limb swelling, while Ms. Zhuangshuang Li will explore advance care planning within the Chinese diaspora. The morning will also feature discussions led by Mr. Ciaran McAdam, Dr. Andrew Swanton, and Dr. Lauren Boland, each providing valuable insights into quality improvement projects, de-prescribing, pain management, and occupational therapy self-management programs.

A brief intermission will allow attendees to reflect on the morning’s discussions while perusing poster presentations. The thematic session on “Ensuring Dignity: Ethical Reflections in Palliative Care” will provide a platform for deeper contemplation on the ethical dimensions of palliative care practice.

The afternoon will continue with presentations by Dr. Cian O’Leary, Ms. Siobhan Murphy, and Dr. Anna Hayes, shedding light on disease progression, care evaluation, and innovative medical approaches.

Dr. Peter May’s plenary session with the topic ‘Ready for the future? Projected palliative care needs, healthcare costs and outcomes among people aged over 50 in Ireland’ ​will offer a comprehensive overview of projected palliative care needs, healthcare costs, and outcomes, providing attendees with valuable insights into future challenges and opportunities in the field.

Dr. Hannah Linane, Chair of the Irish Association for Palliative Care (IAPC), will express gratitude for the enriching discussions and collaborative spirit throughout the day. The event will conclude with a performance by the Forever Young Choir and the announcement of poster and platform presentation winners, recognising outstanding contributions to palliative care research and practice.

The IAPC are proud to host the 23rd Annual Palliative Care Education and Research Seminar as a platform for shared learning, collaboration, and innovation in palliative care. Attendees will depart with renewed insights and a commitment to advancing compassionate end-of-life care for all individuals.

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