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IAPC Attendance at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Assisted Dying

The International Association for Palliative Care (IAPC) is dedicated to staying at the forefront of discussions on critical issues in the field of palliative care. On the 17th of November 2023, the IAPC were represented by Dr. Hannah Linane and Dr. Una Molloy at the Joint Oireachtas Committee’s discussions on assisted dying.

This was a significant moment for palliative care advocates and experts, as it provided an opportunity to contribute to important conversations surrounding end-of-life choices and care. The IAPC will actively engage in these discussions in the future, representing the interests of those who seek compassionate palliative care as a primary option for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses.

In the pursuit of a compassionate and patient-centered approach, the IAPC encourages policymakers to prioritise the expansion of Palliative Care Services in Ireland. This, we believe, will not only address the concerns raised during the discussion, but also contribute to a healthcare system that places the well-being of individuals at it’s core. The IAPC remains committed to actively engaging with stakeholders to promote policies that safeguard the well-being of patients while upholding the principles of dignity and compassion.

We encourage our members and the palliative care community to follow the developments and engage in this crucial dialogue. The IAPC remains committed to promoting the highest standards of care for patients and their families, and our involvement in discussions on assisted dying is a testament to this commitment. Stay informed and stay engaged as we work towards a brighter future for palliative care.


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