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Online Workshop: ‘The Role of Telehealth in Palliative Care’

On October 19th 2023, Dr. Ciara McGrath hosted an online workshop centered around ‘The Role of Telehealth in Palliative Care’. This Workshop was a resounding success, with a fantastic turnout and excellent engagement from participants. This event was a testament to the importance of exploring innovative approaches which can improve palliative care for patients and medical professionals alike.

Dr. McGrath’s presentation on Telehealth in Palliative Care was not only informative but also showcased the immense potential of technology in enhancing the quality of care for patients with life-limiting illnesses. The insightful discussions and presentations during the webinar underscored the critical role telehealth can play in delivering compassionate and effective palliative care, especially in the context of our ever-changing healthcare landscape.

The International Association for Palliative Care (IAPC) extends its gratitude to Dr. McGrath for her remarkable contribution and all attendees who made this webinar a memorable experience. We would also like to thank Dr. Maria Walsh for her contribution in moderating the webinar. Stay tuned for future webinars and events, as we continue to explore new horizons in palliative care.


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