Board Member

Dr. Esther Beck

Vice Chair IAPC

Lecturer in Nursing, Ulster University

As a Palliative Care Clinician of almost 16 years, Dr. Beck has a deep-rooted interest and passion in looking to improve the quality of care provided to people as they enter the last phase of their life. Having worked as a specialist palliative care nurse, before commencing a PhD in 2013, Dr. Beck has been a lecturer in Nursing and Palliative Care lead for education at Ulster University since 2016.

Dr. Beck is currently Chair of the Palliative Care Research Forum Northern Ireland, co-Vice Chair for the Education and Research Forum of the IAPC and a Director for the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing. A member of the Senior Palliative Care Nurses Forum in Northern Ireland, Dr. Beck also sits as an expert advisor on the Oncology Career and Education Framework writing group.

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